Welcome to Eridu Society - an explorer's club.  We travel through time and space and several of the better dimensions, then periodically gather to regale each other with stories of exploits and adventures.


We are a motley group of designers, builders, and makers who are fans of steampunk, time travel, history, science fiction, and whimsy.  Members of the Eridu Society have been participating in the Burning Man event since as far back as 1996.


The camp's own art theme and projects have been known to change from one year to the next, sometimes quite dramatically.  Camp members have built and worked on a number of different mutant vehicles and playa art installations, produced events of varying sizes, and in recent years we have built art and interactive spaces within the camp itself.


6500BCE-5400BCE - early and less interesting times in Sumerian history

5300BCE - founding of Eridu and things start to get interesting

5300BCE-3200BCE - Abzu installation years

600BCE - Eridu site is abandoned

1855 - Eridu rediscovered

1918 - Eridu rediscovered yet again

1946-1949 - excavation years

2007-2010 - art support and global misadventure years

2011 - Steampunk Airship Outpost

2012 - Fertile Minds Idea Deli

2013-2015 - Ziggurati installation years

2016-2017 - Eridu's Brainy Bar

Eridu Society